the territory


Soft morainic hills and a string of garden-vineyards looking at the placid lake. An enchanted landscape for a land of wine excellence, all to be discovered and tasted. This harmonious kingdom corresponds to the morainic basin facing Lake Iseo, Franciacorta.

Its current borders follow those of the organization of the countryside in the Visconti age and its name brings us back to its distant history linked to the Frankish Courts and to when, after the arrival of the Cluniac monks, the territory benefited from free trade (curtes francae).

Its recent history is connected to the extraordinary Franciacorta wine, obtained from the vineyards spread on the hills, among medieval towers and ancient palaces, sixteenth century castles and small villages, expression of a territory devoted to viticulture since time immemorial.

The 117 wineries of Franciacorta as well as the precious bottles will be revealed to visitors as real cathedrals of the most advanced enological technology, for this reason they are all worth a visit. In the terroir of Franciacorta are manually cultivated 3150 hectares of vineyards, on gently sloping terraces.

The best way to discover Franciacorta is to wander between the lake and the hills, by bicycle or by foot and take breaks to taste Franciacorta wines in the various cellars along the paths of the Franciacorta wine route

Lake Iseo

Visiting Lake Iseo means being cloaked in a fairy-tale atmosphere, to discover perfectly preserved medieval villages, to plunge into varied landscapes, where harsh rocks give way to gentle hills that slope down towards the shores of a small, but scenic pre-Alpine body of water. The entire Lake Iseo is dotted with beautiful towns and smaller villages, all packaged to perfection.

It takes just a few minutes by boat from Sale Marasino or Carzano to reach another world. Secluded and protected by water, Monte Isola is one of the largest lake islands in Europe. 600 meters high and 4 kmĀ² wide. Here everything is quiet, the atmosphere is rarefied. A handful of motionless villages scattered around the island, paths to be traveled slowly even by bicycle and spectacular views.

Noteworthy are the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve with its reed beds and peat bogs; Monte Isola in the middle of the lake, which can also be reached by night boats in summer; the bike path that runs along the northern part of the Iseo; and the Cluniac monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa.

For bike lovers to note the Ciclovia dell’Oglio, named in 2019 the “most beautiful bike path in Italy” by the jury of the Italian Green Road Award, is 280 km long with a drop of about 1800 meters. Part from the Tonale Pass (1888 meters s.l.m.) and, passing through Valcamonica, Lake Iseo, Franciacorta and the Parks dell’Oglio, follows the course of the river to San Matteo delle Chiaviche, on the Po. The route runs along a cycle path and dirt roads, suitable for all types of bicycles and cyclists.

Not to be missed, finally, the tasting of the beef with the oil of Rovato, the stuffed tench with polenta and the dried sardine of the lake. Of course toasting with an excellent Franciacorta. Cheers!