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The products of the lake


Our oil has a typical and unmistakable mark for the low acidity, the richness of vitamins and the high presence of aromatic substances. Being part of the district of the Riviera of the olive trees of Lake Iseo, our oil is a tasty and high quality product, characterized by a very low acidity.

The harvest takes place from mid-October to mid-November.

The oil that comes out of the mill is stored in steel containers filled to the brim, to prevent oxidation, in the dark and at a constant temperature.

At the end of this process the liquid gold is bottled and the original label is placed identifing the oil, strictly produced with olives harvested from our lands.


We have invested time and passion in the cultivation of small fruits; non-invasive cultivations that guarantee respect for the environment and the production of products of the finest quality.

Small fruits, besides being very tasty and versatile in cooking, are a source of vitamins and minerals.

Jams are excellent to spread on bread, to accompany cheeses, to create sweets. 


In Italy there are many varieties of flowers and, according to the area and the season, honey is collected in the first months of spring until the beginning of September. One of the first honeys to be collected is dandelion honey whereas in the later seasons honeydew and chestnut honey are collected. The differences among the many types of honey is sometimes very marked, in some of them can be perceived the strong flavors of the earth and of the woods, whereas others are more delicate and floral. The components that play a fundamental role in the flavor of honey are pollen, collected from flowers and propolis which is a powerful substance that bees use to protect themselves and the hive from pathogens.

For years, our company has been involved in the production of artisan honey with passion and dedication, respecting tradition and nature. In fact, we pay great attention to the welfare and care of our bees, so as to always obtain honey of excellent quality that can satisfy all palates, even the most demanding.